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My name is Frances K Gray and I am a freelance copywriter in the Tunbridge Wells area, offering an array of services such as copywriting, speech writing, business design and a bit of social media branding work as well across the UK.

I offer my writing and design skills to anyone who needs them, Brides to Builders, Public figures to public services, if you have a need, I will create something for you. Writing in Gray is a one-person operation which means that everything I do has my name attached to it, so it must be perfect. Due to this, I don’t use templates or pre-set content. Instead, I take the time to get to know your business, your personality and what you want to project, so that what I create reflects you in the best possible light.


Copywriting and Writing Services

Blog posts, speeches, eulogies – you name it and I will write it! If you or your business needs it, I can make it happen. I take the time to learn your business, or yourself, and your personality, so I can produce something that truly matches you and fits with your style. Whether you’re after corporate formal, fun and lively or sombre and emotive, I will find the words to express what it is you want to say. 



Social Media Design and Branding

If you run a business, you’ll know how important a social media presence is and how irritating and time consuming keeping that presence up is. Thinking of different things to post every day, making sure your Insta grid is well-balanced and consistent and, of course, ensuring customers notice you! It’s laborious, time consuming and something you don’t really need to worry yourself with, especially when there are people like me who will do it for you.  



If you need a hand in more fully defining the character of your business, let me help you. As well as being a freelance copywriter in Tunbridge Wells, I also dabble in business design, to help you refine the look and feel of your business. I can do this in collaboration with my copywriting, too, for a comprehensive business design service!








Every business is different, so you need someone who can capture your personality on the page and screen.
Fill out my contact form, send me an email at or get in touch on 07916 940 819 and let’s work together!



Personality (I have one)

I have always found a distinct difference between working with free-lancers and bigger businesses, freelancers (me) benefit from being our individual selves and putting an aspect of who we are into our work, flying under our own flag, with the knowledge that it’s our own reputation we need to uphold. I believe that using humour, personality and effective communication attracts attention and therefore customers. My personal writing style has always leaned more towards comedic with a hint of sarcasm, or deep and emotive, however as I have grown and evolved in life, so has my writing and, due to this, I can provide any style you require.

Quick and efficient

When someone makes the decision to bring on someone to provide content for them, they usually need it quickly. Luckily, I do not take on any work unless I can be sure I will provide it to an excellent standard and in good time, for example I can turn around an Instagram redesign/rebrand in 1-3 days (28 posts, captions, and new templates built for you.)

Growing businesses move fast. I’ll make sure I move with you as you go.



The last thing I want is to provide you something which you don’t deem to be perfect. After all, it has my name attached to it. In order to achieve your satisfaction, communication is key. I like to gain as much information as I can initially, then will keep in contact whilst I write, and of course offer opportunities for adaptations and rewrites until you’re happy.


Small, local business

As a freelance copywriter in Tunbridge Wells, I really enjoy helping little businesses to build their brand, I’m a small business too and I understand how overwhelming everything related to it can be!  

I want to see the people I work with succeed, and I love the idea that I can be a part of that, so I can promise that when you work with me, you will get nothing but my best.


I Love what I do

Writing and Designing are the two things which bring me the most joy in life. I love that my ability to throw words at a page can lead to the success and happiness of others, nothing brings me more joy than watching something I have created bringing others to tears, or a smile erupting across their face. The fact that I am building a business upon the back of something which has brought me so much happiness for years is incredible to me, and I thank each and every person who continues to make this a possibility.






The speech had everyone in tears, it was beautiful. Thank you so much!

 Kaz (50th birthday speech)




I love feedback, especially the stuff which inflates my ego ever so slightly. Without feedback, I couldn’t refine my craft as a freelance copywriter in Tunbridge Wells and make sure that the content I provide is top notch! Head to my Testimonials section to hear just a few of the awesome things people have to say about me.






Let Me Take Care of the Content

If you need a sharp-witted writer with a knack for humour, fill out my contact form today and let’s work together! Alternatively, send me an email to or text me on 07916 940 819 for a chat!